3CX Holiday Schedule Settings

3CX Holiday Schedule Settings

There are a few different scenarios you can set regarding Holidays and office hours.
When you set a Holiday the PBX will automatically go to Out of office hours during the set time.
Under Trunks and Inbound rules there is an option called "Play holiday prompt when it's a global holiday". If that is set then during Holidays the call will be forwarded to the HOL IVR and the message set there will be heard by the caller. If there is a message set under Settings / Timezone & Office Hour / configure Holidays then that message will be heard instead and not the HOL IVR message but the call will still be handled by the HOL IVR. This way you can set different messages for different holidays without having to change them through the IVR before each holiday.

Now, if the option "Play holiday prompt when it's a global holiday" is not set then calls will be forwarded to the Out of office route of the Trunk / Inbound rule and you can have different IVR's for each Trunk / Inbound rule that play different messages.
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