3CX Voicemail Cheat Sheet

3CX Voicemail Cheat Sheet

You can manage your voicemail using any Desk Phone, make or model, configured on your extension, by pressing your voicemail button. A voice menu system will ask you to enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN) followed by “#”. The initial options you are presented with, are the following:

  • Dial * to play your messages.
  • Dial “9” to go to options.
  • Dial pound “#” to exit.

When you dial “9” for options, the following options will be announced by the voicemail system. Dial the respective numbers to change and update these features:

  • Dialing “1” allows you to change your profile status.
  • Dialing “3” allows you to dial a number.
  • Dialing “4” allows you to delete all read messages.
  • Dialing “5” allows you change your self-identification message.
  • Dialing “6” allows you to play mailbox information.
  • Dialing “7” allows you change your voicemail PIN number.
  • Dialing “8” allows you to change your greeting message.
  • Dialing “9” allows you to restart the voice menu prompts.

Note: The default voicemail number for 3 digit extension schemes is "999" and 4 digit extension schemes is "9999".

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